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                   Updated 04/13/2015 

Celebrating 18 years:1997-Present

 352-637-2726-8am-8pm                Please read all the way down

                         72 Hour for email reservations 

As requested by Stumpknockers there will be no alcohol or meals allowed on boat unless purchased at stumpknockers during their business hours.

The group of nature lovers from Seven Hills would like to say a special THANKS!! Your knowledge and the beauty of the river left us all with the warm feeling that old Florida was still alive and in safe keeping. We all loved the meal at Stumpknockers. A lazy river boat ride and wonderful meal with a knowledgeable host -what more could one ask for? I also think you will get many more bookings from our group. Thanks again Jayne Rediger

1 hour tour-$13.00 each- Great tour not too long.

2 hour tour $18.00 each- Most popular tour.


This is a small business with limited seating please do not make a reservation unless you are sure you are coming with the the amount of people you schedule for.  If you make a reservation you will be responsible for the amount of people you reserve for without 24 hour cancellation if I have people on standby.

13821 SW. Hwy 200 Dunnellon,Fl. 34432  I do recommend directions with your gps.

Directions are provided to the left on directions link or call me.

If you want to see some new pics taken 2/22/14 click this link below.

I run the tours from Stumpknockers restaurant on Hwy 200. Please do not call the restaurant. Only call me for reservations or info. Please call in advance for reservations, most tours get filled up. I have had to turn away a lot of people calling for day of reservations. Please try and call a day or two in advance. This is only a recommendation.

Keep going down. There is a lot more info,some great pics.


Office hours: 8am-8pm If no one in office leave a message and I will return your call asap. If after hours I will call next day.

Phone calls:24 hr notice                               Emails:72 hr notice 

This is recommendation only. It is best to call a couple of days in advance

1 hour tour-$13.00 each- Great tour not too long.

2 hour tour $18.00 each- Most popular tour. 

Please read all the way down most all info is here. 

Capt.Mike we were on your river cruise on Feb.1.We enjoyed it very much,especially your knowledge of the river and the way you handled the boat while I was taking pictures. Dick White,New Jersey

I run the tours on reservations so leaving times vary daily. Call me a day or two in advance if you can and I will give you the times of the tours for the date you want to go. 



Please read all the way down most all info is here.

 PICTURE OF BOAT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

06/15/12 Just received my new award for one of the best tour boat and river boat tours in Citrus County. Once again I would like to thank everyone for these many years.

I have enjoyed every tour I have done!


Guided boat tours on the Withlacoochee river from Stumpknockers restaurant.

Hope to see all my regular cutomers as well as a lot of new faces this year!

After getting a house in Citrus Hills two years ago we often drove past the Withlacoochee on highway 200 without paying it much attention. Thanks to your tour we finally got to see the beautiful nature and scenery in our new back yard - not to mention the great knowledgeable narration. Thanks for a great time,  Andrew Rybalko and family

Keep going down. There is a lot of info,some great pics.

352-637-2726   You can call with less than 24 hr. notice but with email you will need at least 72 hrs.

EMAIL: <click here

If less than 72 hrs. please call.


Tours run on reservations so boarding times can vary daily.


First off the boat is a 24 foot covered pontoon boat. In our beautiful Florida weather the boat is open most of the year with just the top covered and in some of our cooler or wetter days that do tend to pop up occasionally the boat can be enclosed.So if you like boating you will like the tours in the beautiful scenic area of the Withlacoochee river all year around.                 

On a lazy, lazy day, can you think of anything better to do than cruise down a cool river? Captain Mike's Lazy River Cruises offers guided boat tours down the Withlacoochee River. What better way is there to view great wildlife and great scenery than from a relaxing seat on a boat ride? The tours are from a covered pontoon boat with very plush seating. They leave from Stumpknocker's, a favorite local restaurant,so passengers can have dinner before or after their cruise. The rivers in Florida offer some of the best bird watching in the U.S. The River is much as it was when the Indians canoed it a hundred years ago. There are many varieties of birds such as herons, egrets,hawks, and eagles,along with many other types of animals especially our ALLIGATORS.

Captain Mike has been voted the best tour guide by the local community year after year. He has certificates in Eco-tourism and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the rivers, their history,as well as the wildlife and native flora.

In business since 1997, Capt. Mike's is already known for offering one of the most scenic and informative boat tours in Florida.

To arrange a tour or for more information, call 352-637-2726 or email at   72 hour notice for email reservations. If you have not heard from me in 24 hours Please call .I do not trust emails totally.    

Captain Mike's is located just outside of Ocala on Hwy 200 at Stumpknockers Restaurant.About halfway between Ocala and Crystal River. For info on Stumpknockers restaurant

PLEASE CALL FOR RESERVATIONS or if you have 72 hours or more you can email me.

Tours run on reservations so boarding times can vary daily.

                       Tours are 7 days a week all year:

Tours run on reservations so boarding times can vary daily.


Reservations can be made by email  but with 72 hour notice.If you have not heard from me in 24 hours please call.


                                private tours are available.

Most of the tours leave from behind Stumpknockers Restaurant on Hwy. 200. Stumpknockers is a very popular restaurant on the river. People come from near and far  for the great food and drink as well as the beautiful scenery along the river.

The most popular tour is the 2 hour in the afternoon so you can also have dinner at the restaurant before or after the tour. The restaurant opens at 2pm Tuesday-Friday and at noon on Saturday and Sundays and is closed on Mondays.

SIGHTSEEING- Take a leisurely guided boat tour with Capt. Mike Tracy on one of Florida's most scenic waterways: The Withlacoochee river.
On the tours it is possible to see many species of bird life as well as Alligators, Turtles, Otters, Deer, Wild Turkeys, Bobcats, Wild Boar, and Large Mouth Bass jumping out of the water.
The Withlacoochee river is one of Florida's most outstanding waterways.
BIRDWATCHING - Boat tours along the Withlacoochee river is a great way to see some of Florida's Beautiful birds. There are over 300 species of birds along these rivers throughout the year, Bald Eagles, Limpkin, Blue Herons, Night Herons, Osprey and many other species. We have large flocks of migratory birds that come to Florida in the winter every year.
SUNSET- Very scenic and very romantic. Sit back and relax on a peaceful sunset tour.

Some of the most beautiful scenery in Florida!!

See my photo link on far top left for more.

72 hour notice for email reservations.If you have not heard back from me in 24 hours please call.

Send an email: Allow 24 hrs minimum for answer

In memory of Charles Ronald (RON) Johnson. Ron passed away on August 7, 2009 and will be missed!

They say you only have a few real friends in life and Ron was one of  mine!                        

                                         DEATH AND MURDER

There are a couple of good books to read by one of our local authors.       Death on the Withlacoochee and Murder on the Withlacoochee both written by Ron Johnson. If you would like to read an excerpt or to order a book go to his website at or email at  I just happen to be the hero of the books.

I will no longer have the books on the boat but you can look for them at

Send an email: Allow 24hrs minimum